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There are truly some incredably talented people in the world and Renewable Solutions are very proud to be associated with Sarah Hall RCA,  from Canada with her BIPV art here in New Zealand.

Sarah is a Canadian stained glass artist notable for her extensive career, and current experimentation in the integration of photovoltaic technology into art glass. She lives in Toronto, Ontario and was born in Hamilton, Ontario.

Sarah has been granted an Arts Fellowship from the Chalmers Foundation to support her innovative work in BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) solar art glass.

Her art glass projects are fabricated exclusively in Germany.  Sarah is well known for her artistic innovation and pioneering of new glass techniques.  Her ground breaking work was recently featured in the CBC documentary series “Great Minds of Design”.  Please visit her amazing web site and contact us with any queries you may have. Sarah has completed numerous church stained glass BIPV projects.

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