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We convert bright ideas in renewable energy into workable business case based solutions.

Renewable Solutions Consulting (RSC) are renewable energy professionals with the passion, drive experience and resources to make your solar project succeed and turn your ideas into successful schemes, merging  technical ability with business sense.

Natural, clean sources of power are abundant here in New Zealand; our challenge is to harness them economically for our customers.

RSC assist Architects, Engineers, Government entities, Private developers and industry / social based organisations in design, consultation and deployment of business modelled  renewable energy (RE) systems.

We provide services from initial site analysis and project feasibility to complete plan sets including electrical wiring diagrams and mechanical attachment details to assistance in system commissioning and evaluation of system performance.

Business planning and project management support helps clients realise viable schemes in energy.

Our expertise covers solar, wind, heat recovery, tri-generation and geothermal systems, making us unique in the NZ market.

We can offer you:

  • Complete system design and documentation assistance
  • Renewable energy project feasibility assessments
  • Independent system performance testing ( NABERSNZ )
  • Project Management & Commissioning overview
  • Design-Build-Maintain projects

The best ideas in renewable energy can help ease pressure on our resources and environment as demand for energy swells, so it is important, no vital, when considering your RE systems to look ahead to future growth, networking of ‘precinct wide’ RE systems and interfacing with supply networks etc.

Our advice comes via a pragmatic filter and will advise clients that a project is not achievable if we believe this to be the case.

We take into account and assist with all facets including the diverse local conditions for proposed projects, securing investment to gaining community acceptance and assisting marketing drives within an organisation to promote ‘green energy’.

​RS Consulting’s renewable energy specialists help clients to find better ways.

to achieve their goals in energy efficiency, carbon management and sustainability.​




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