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Many renewable projects often utilise many different technologies.

These may include a combination of solar PV electricity, wind turbines, high volume hydro, hot water heat pumps, solar hot water and/or biomass on the same site, its important that these technologies are coordinated to ensure site integration and cost minimisation.

Are you becoming increasingly frustrated with increasing power bills?
We can help you generate your own power and ultimately reduce what you pay your electricity provider

Is your organisation meeting its carbon emission target?
We can help you reduce your carbon footprint and your carbon sourced energy usage.

Can your organisation really claim to be green yet operate a fleet of carbon emitting vehicles?
We can help you offset your carbon footprint.

We believe it is important to start at the beginning and understand your business and how your plant operates to be able to apply realistic solutions to your individual requirements.
There are obvious economic impacts to your business in forms of capital out lay and on going operation and life cycle costs which is why planning plays a major part in our service.


We work with you on:

  • Energy Minimisation planning
  • Capital plant replacement
  • Whole of life cycle costing and embedded energy usage
  • Plant size specifications and avoidance of over capitalisation
  • Project management

New Buildings

New building owners and developers have a unique opportunity to create low energy consuming, low carbon properties.

Energy efficient buildings can help to off set your carbon footprint and make you a business partner of choice. This will help you attract blue-chip tenants and command premium rents.

We can work with you, or liaise with your architect, main contractor to provide you with tailored solutions to ensure your new building runs as efficiently as possible. We carry out a full design and installation service and cater for small or large projects.

Solutions may include a combination of solar PV electricity , wind turbines, air to air heat recovery, high volume hot water heat pumps, solar hot water and/or biomass heating (both space and water heating) and even Vertical Garden systems.
Commercial Hot Water Heat Pump for large volume hot water supply on multiple storey building.

Existing Buildings

We take the time to understand how your business operates, paying particular attention to areas of high energy consumption. We carry out a full assessment of your building and identify areas where cost savings could be made. We can also advise you on how you can generate your own power ultimately REDUCING YOUR POWER BILLS!
Solutions may include a combination of solar PV electricity , wind turbines, solar hot water and/or biomass

We can advise on renewable energy solutions for your business and take care of any planning and building consent formalities.
If you are an organisation that prefers to differentiate yourselves from your competitors, and one that your clients want to have a continuing business relationships with due to your environmental sustainable conscience then...

contact us now for an obligation free chat, the future of our world is in your hands.

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